I love you most when your eyes light up and you’re so immersed in explaining something you’re passionate about.

Politics, engineering, technology, history.

When you take comfort in the warmth of a sleepy, snoring dog in your arms, your eyes gazing into the far-off distance, piecing together the world together around you.

When you set your fingers over your lips as you watch your campaign unfurl, the silent, intense focus of a general.

When you’re laughing so hard that you’re trembling in silence, because as much as my silliness exasperates you, it also delights you.

When you set your warm, heavy hand on my back as you comfort me, in silence, during my sad realization that the world is, indeed, what you said it would be.

When I ask you for advice, and you listen, you listen in silence, you stare at the wall or the bookshelf because where your eyes land doesn’t matter, you’re listening with your ears at my words, at my emotional charge and heartbreak and anger. You’re listening to where I’m coming from, at the context, at the bigger picture beyond.

When you give me advice that’s right and real, but not always pleasant to hear, and I hate you so much, so much, for being right. But I know you’re right, not because you’re always right, but because you have thought things through with your infinite patience and astounding stamina.

When you’re asleep and so at peace, in a suspended paradise where your mind goes on ticking, turning puzzles around and around in your brain, in the twilight peace of a quiet world.

I love that this is not only my chance to express my love for you, but also a chance for everyone here, who have gathered to help us celebrate our relationship, to fall in love with you, too.

I love you, I admire you, I respect you, and I have an undying faith in you.

From the very beginning, through pain and uncertainty, throughout our years of growing together, more intertwined than ever, I have loved you and chosen you.